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Pilot Training In Australia

Pilot Training in Australia is growing rapidly within the higher education sector. Many universities around the nation now offer degree level courses in aviation. Australian pilot qualifications are internationally recognised and highly regarded which has advanced airways systems that prepare students for an airline career. Starting their aviation career in Australia is a decision which will fulfil and meet your desire and hope. Australia has excellent weather, friendly people, very favourable exchange rates, and high quality educational opportunities which is one of the top choices for launching your flying career.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a Class 1 CASA Aviation Medical
  • English Language Proficiency (Please see Below for Full Details)
  • Have Completed at least Equivalent of Australian Year 10 of High School (The 4th Year of Secondary College/High School)
  • Be 18 Years of age by Course Commencement
  • Be willing to undergo an Australian Federal Police check for issue of your Aviation Security Identity Card

Pass Marks

The pass marks for the CPL exams are 70%, except for the Flight Rules and Air Law exam where it is 80%.